Crossing over into Hungary, one gets the distinct scent of..whats that? Socialism. Or thankfully, the remnants of it. Hungary isn’t as well kept as the other European countries we’ve visited, not by a long shot. It does however have it’s charm. The city has some beautiful buildings and the thermal baths were quite hilarious. (of particular note; Abby, myself and 100 Hungarians being swept around in circles when the jets came on in one of their football field size jacuzzi swimming pools) The thermal baths were definitely a favorite.

Also of note, the metro system is like stepping into an early 80s time warp where you’re inside a Mario Brothers game. I kid you not, I believe they even stole the sound track!

The best part was the Hungarian wine tasting under the castle in their cellars. Hungarian wine is fantastic! (Abby may be the better reference if you know my wine tastes, but we both agree)

Another fine example of Hungarian culture was visiting their market as you can see a picture of me about to lose my hand reaching for an orange.

Robbie & Abby