Anyone ever heard of the Habsburg family? They ruled greater Europe for over 600
years and chose to call Vienna their home. The result is one city filled with opulent palaces, cathedrals, theaters, opera houses and gardens. In fact, this family started World War I with the intent of owning Europe and having Vienna as the new capital. They lost the War and with that, all of their power.

Vienna though remains beautiful. The Austrians are very proud and full of life. We walked the historic palace district and stumbled upon the 2011 Vienna Film Festival. This festival is a gift to the city each year, free of charge, to promote culture. So much fun!

Perhaps our favorite part though, was staying near the Schonbrunn Gardens and being able to run in the afternoons. This immense park is home to some of the most famous outdoor classical concerts in Europe.

To sum up Vienna; this is the first big city we could both see ourselves living in. The city transportation makes traveling so easy with no need for a car. Just own a bike and a metro pass. You have the option for endless cultural events in a big city, but have the freedom of the parks to escape. Great stop on our trip! Perhaps we’ll return one day.

Robbie & Abby