We trained into Salzburg on Tuesday and spent the day hiking around the city center and castle grounds. This city has the Austrian Alps as a background, and you never forget that. We ended our hike at the Augustinerbrau, a monks cloister where they raise money for the church by brewing beer! Great beer. The best part was making friends with some Austrians from Vienna who took it upon themselves to show us the best parts of Salzburg. They were very generous with their time and it makes me wonder if I should be doing more of this is Charleston.

Quick note about the Austrians; they love life and are quite proud of their history. They take so much pride in their country and it shows in everything they do. Austria may as well be spotless. I for one never knew Vienna was at one time to be e capital of Europe and perhaps the world had the Habsburg family had their way. One more thing; our American dollar won’t get you too far in Salzburg. Yikes!

Day 2 in Salzburg was cold and rainy. This was a terrible shame, for there was a music festival all over the city that was rained out. We daydreamed of the Mediterranean coast be honest and began researching apartments to rent. Then we settled in and watched the Sound of Music, of course. (Abby’s first time!)

Thursday morning it was on to glorious Vienna!

Robbie & Abbster