We decided to hop a 9.5 hour train from Budapest to Ljubljana on our way to the coast. Sounds long, right? Trains are hands down our favorite way to travel. I’ve had longer feeling 3 hour drives. The countryside is always changing and you can walk around and a hang your head out the window. We also played one 5 hour game of Skywords that may have helped. Yet we digress, Slovenia is absolutely beautiful.

Ljubljana is a young, artistic town along a river in the center of the country shaped like a chicken running east. (in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been reading Rick Steve and are now writing like him) This city can be explored in a day, the rest of our time was spent at the market or in cafes.

We opted for a day trip to Lake Bled, 1.5 hours away by bus, and loved it. This is where many Slovenes vacation as well as where the Olympic rowing medalist team practices. Of note; the World Rowing Championships are being held there in one month. Abby was very close to signing up, but the medals would weigh down our backpacks. Slovenia, we bid thee two thumbs up.

Robbie & Abby