LFA-ing has been a well-used term all my life. Yes…it’s a Freeman classic, and more recently, a Robbie Lesslie favorite! The time has come to embark upon this blogging world that the rest of mankind has been tackling for years. Maybe we’ve finally reached the blogging age…the proper maturity level, or perhaps finally just had enough free time to sit down and come up with a goofy, cheesy name. Whatever the case,

LFA-ing has officially BEGUN!

Soon we will be traveling to Costa Rica to share our special day with our families in the rainforest by the sea!

From there we fly across the big blue sea over to Berlin to begin our LFA-ing venture across Europe for a few months, traveling at a sketcher’s pace from seaside villages to remote hill towns nestled high into the sky.

We hope this blog will be our connection to our families and friends back home. An avenue to share our adventures but also to hear back from you all. So go ahead…comment on our travels, or simply just say “hi”. Come July 8th, Robbie and I begin our life together.

2 backpacks + 2 one way tickets